Tredict T-Shirt Print Templates

These T-shirt print templates are offered to you for free and non-commerical use.
Now you can print your own Tredict shirt in a print store of your choice!
We recommend a foil print.

We are looking forward to your photos! :-)

And many thanks to Angel Moya for layouting these templates!!


Feel free to edit the artwork a bit, change the position and size or rearrange it to make it fit better.
Before you print the SVGs on fabric, it may be necessary to free the area to be printed from the sample singlet background.
You can edit the downloadable SVG vector graphics e.g. with Inkscape.
However, a good print store will do the cropping and fitting for you.

Singlet/T-Shirt Print Template


Tredict - Singlet - Front svg


Tredict - Singlet - Back svg

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Legal permission

We are very happy if you would like to use the print templates provided here. The graphics and media listed here are released for unrestricted use in online media, print and moving images, as long as the basic rights of Tredict, e.g. through trademark theft, are not violated. It is prohibited to add content without our consent or to tarnish the "Tredict" brand with negative or competing symbols and text content.