simplify and smooth

Simplify and smooth data series

Learn the difference between simplifying and smoothing your data series and how to combine them.

Felix Gertz - 3/25/2021
garmin training api integration

Sync your workout schedule to Garmin Connect

Garmin Training API integration - Automatically synchronize workouts scheduled in Tredict with Garmin Connect and integrate them into the Garmin training calendar.

Felix Gertz - 2/5/2021
plan workout and perform on watch

Plan a workout and perform it on your watch

With workout planning and execution on your watch you have the ability to create swim exercises, running workouts, bike workouts, or a strength training with target zones and instructions for workout steps and display them on your Garmin watch.

Felix Gertz - 2/1/2021
custom fields

Create your own training values and metrics

Program your own custom metrics and display them in your activities and analysis.

Felix Gertz - 12/21/2020
edit series

Edit and correct faulty series data

Correct heart rate, power and speed with the series edit function directly in the series charts.

Felix Gertz - 11/19/2020
detecting fatigue

Visualize and recognize fatigue after a training session

How do I determine fatigue or inefficient passages in a training session?

Felix Gertz - 11/11/2020
we do not track you

We keep track of your training, but we do not track you

How to run a website without tracking scripts and without including external sources.

Felix Gertz - 10/26/2020
share activity

Share your activity

Create an image of your activity, a public link or an embed code.

Felix Gertz - 10/15/2020
coros api integration

Integration of the new Coros API

Coros support for syncing your activities.

Felix Gertz - 10/9/2020
withings body values sync

Receive body metrics with Withings

Automatically receive your body data with Withings.

Felix Gertz - 9/24/2020
automatic determination of ftp and lthr

Automatic determination of Lactate Threshold, FTP and FTPa

Detect your lactate threshold and your functional thresholds automatically by performing appropriate workouts.

Felix Gertz - 9/4/2020
synchronize apple watch with healthfit

Synchronize Apple Watch automatically via HealthFit

Synchronize your Apple Watch activities to Tredict with the HealthFit iPhone app.

Felix Gertz - 8/19/2020
plan and create a training

Plan and create a training

How to create a training and which influence training planning has on your form curve and training progress.

Felix Gertz - 8/16/2020
coach and athlete connections

Coaching and how to connect with other athletes

Connect with other Tredict users, view their workout log and plan the training for others.

Felix Gertz - 8/2/2020
zones and effort

How the zones influence the effort

How the effort of an activity is calculated, what is the zone priority and how does a good zone setting make the effort calculation more accurate.

Felix Gertz - 7/23/2020