suunto structured workouts with guides

Synchronize your training calendar to Suunto and perform structured workouts

Use Suunto Guides to run your Tredict planned and structured workouts on your Suunto device and let Tredict synchronize them automatically.

Felix Gertz - 4/9/2024
suunto hrv and sleep data

HRV and sleep data from Suunto

Synchronise your nightly HRV values, sleep data and dynamic resting heart rate from the Suunto 247 Data API to Tredict.

Felix Gertz - 3/22/2024
sell training plans

Sell training plans

Sell your reusable training plans with Tredict as your sales platform. Free of charge.

Felix Gertz - 2/21/2024
todays plan is closed down tredict alternative

Today's Plan is being closed down. Is Tredict your alternative?

Publish your training plans via Tredict, move your training history and use a modern replacement to Today's Plan.

Felix Gertz - 12/13/2023
coros training sync

Automatically synchronise planned and structured workouts to Coros

Schedule your workouts in Tredict and execute them on your Coros watch.

Felix Gertz - 6/14/2023
with smart goals and tredict into the new year

With smart goals and Tredict into the new year

Once again, a year has flown by. At the turn of the year, many of us review. Did I achieve my goals and fulfil my wishes? What could I do better or simply differently? That is precisely the opportunity that the new year gives us. Ready for 2023? Not quite yet? Then we have a few good tips for your healthy and sporty sustainable year in this article.

Patrick Romer - 12/6/2022
running effectiveness in tredict

The Running Effectiveness (RE) metric in Tredict

Running Effectiveness is calculated as the ratio of running speed and specific running power and can be used to predict power and speed.

Kai Robaczewski - 11/24/2022
using dropbox to synchronize with other platforms

Using Dropbox to synchronise with other platforms

With the Tredict Dropbox integration, you can sync your workouts to and from third-party platforms like TrainerRoad,, GoldenCheetah and Tapiriik using Dropbox. You can also create an automatic backup of your training files.

Felix Gertz - 10/28/2022
publish training plans and coaches directory

Publish your training plans and register in the coaches directory

Publish your self-made training plans under a 'Creative Commons' license and sign up for self-promotion in the coaches directory.

Felix Gertz - 10/13/2022
create own training plans

Create and reuse your own training plans

Create your own training plans and training patterns and use them for yourself or your athletes.

Felix Gertz - 4/8/2022
ictrainer cycling smart trainer app

Indoor cycling smart training with icTrainer

Plan your indoor cycling training in Tredict and perform it with the icTrainer indoor cycling app.

Felix Gertz - 11/28/2020
new features august-to-october

A feature review from August to October

The feature review summarises the most important innovations of the last few months.

Felix Gertz - 10/4/2021
wahoo api integration

Synchronize Wahoo workouts

Wahoo Cloud API Integration - Automatically sync recorded activities from your Wahoo devices to your training calendar.

Felix Gertz - 7/24/2021
simplify and smooth

Simplify and smooth data series

Learn the difference between simplifying and smoothing your data series and how to combine them.

Felix Gertz - 3/25/2021
garmin training api integration

Sync your workout schedule to Garmin Connect

Garmin Training API integration - Automatically synchronize workouts scheduled in Tredict with Garmin Connect and integrate them into the Garmin training calendar.

Felix Gertz - 2/5/2021
plan workout and perform on watch

Plan a workout and perform it on your watch

With workout planning and execution on your watch you have the ability to create swim exercises, running workouts, bike workouts, or a strength training with target zones and instructions for workout steps and display them on your Garmin watch.

Felix Gertz - 2/1/2021
custom fields

Create your own training values and metrics

Program your own custom metrics and display them in your activities and analysis.

Felix Gertz - 12/21/2020
edit series

Edit and correct faulty series data

Correct heart rate, power and speed with the series edit function directly in the series charts.

Felix Gertz - 11/19/2020
detecting fatigue

Visualize and recognize fatigue after a training session

How do I determine fatigue or inefficient passages in a training session?

Felix Gertz - 11/11/2020
we do not track you

We keep track of your training, but we do not track you

How to run a website without tracking scripts and without including external sources.

Felix Gertz - 10/26/2020
share activity

Share your activity

Create an image of your activity, a public link or an embed code.

Felix Gertz - 10/15/2020
coros api integration

Integration of the new Coros API

Coros support for syncing your activities.

Felix Gertz - 10/9/2020
withings body values sync

Receive body metrics with Withings

Automatically receive your body data with Withings.

Felix Gertz - 9/24/2020
automatic determination of ftp and lthr

Automatic determination of Lactate Threshold, FTP and FTPa

Detect your lactate threshold and your functional thresholds automatically by performing appropriate workouts.

Felix Gertz - 9/4/2020
synchronize apple watch with healthfit

Synchronize Apple Watch automatically via HealthFit

Synchronize your Apple Watch activities to Tredict with the HealthFit iPhone app.

Felix Gertz - 8/19/2020
plan and create a training

Plan and create a training

How to create a training and which influence training planning has on your form curve and training progress.

Felix Gertz - 8/16/2020
coach and athlete connections

Coaching and how to connect with other athletes

Connect with other Tredict users, view their workout log and plan the training for others.

Felix Gertz - 8/2/2020
zones and effort

How the zones influence the effort

How the effort of an activity is calculated, what is the zone priority and how does a good zone setting make the effort calculation more accurate.

Felix Gertz - 7/23/2020