Today's Plan is being closed down. Is Tredict your alternative?

teaser image - Today's Plan is being closed down. Is Tredict your alternative?
Publish your training plans via Tredict, move your training history and use a modern replacement to Today's Plan.

Unfortunately, Today's Plan, a popular training planning platform from Australia, will be discontinued in March 2024.

Whether you're an athlete or a coach, Tredict offers you many of the things you could do with Today's Plan, providing a modern alternative that also emphasizes privacy.

Tredict is a zone-based training planning and analysis platform for endurance athletes, triathletes and coaches. Create structured workouts and training plans based on wattage, heart rate, pace and cadence. Adjust the training plan based on the form curve, also if already in execution. Publish your training plans and integrate them into your own website.

Transfer purchased training plans to Tredict

Since Tredict has an integration with Today's Plan, you can move all the training plans you've purchased on Today's Plan directly to Tredict today and transfer them automatically.

To do this, connect to your "Today's Plan" account from within Tredict. The "Today's Plan" synchronization button for your planned training sessions will then appear in the Tredict calendar.

Structured planned training sessions or workouts are then automatically imported into Tredict.

This is described in more detail in the FAQs:
Today's Plan - Synchronize training plan automatically

Import your Today's Plan training history

The FAQ of Today's Plan describes how to perform a complete data export from Today's Plan:
Today's Plan Data export of the training history

After unpacking the file, you can upload all the files it contains to Tredict and thus preserve your history. You can then enjoy the very powerful analysis of your workouts and your training log. To do this, click on the upload button in the training calendar. Tredict can import .fit and .tcx files.

Publish and/or distribute your own training plans

Tredict has a public training plan directory where you can publish your own training plans so that other athletes can use them.

You can also distribute your training plans via Tredict. This is interesting for trainers and publishers. Contact us about this.

Your published training plans can be easily embedded into your own website. Either with the help of a ready-made code or, if you want to have full control, even programmatically, via an API.

Training plans for endurance athletes

Free coaches directory

If you are a coach, register in the free coach directory, place links to your website and channels and make yourself even better known on the Internet.

Free coaches directory for triathletes and endurance athletes

Train your athletes as a coach

As a coach, you can connect with your athletes via Tredict and plan, direct, adjust and track their training. If required, you can prepare training plans and apply them to your athletes or create individually structured workouts in your athlete's calendar.

Zone model

In Tredict you can define so-called zone revisions. These are date-based zone models that you can create, which are then applied to a specific time period. The zone settings change depending on the fitness level. With a zone revision, you can ensure that you have applied the correctly set model in a period of time.

Plan structured workouts with relative or absolute values from wattage, heart rate, speed or cadence.


  • With a relative range, 65% - 70% of the current FTP.
  • With an absolute range, +/-5bpm of 150bpm heart rate.

Plan and create a training

Supported devices and platforms for synchronization

Tredict has integrated a large number of device manufacturers and platforms. These include, for example, Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Coros, Suunto, Adidas Running, icTrainer and many more. The planned workouts can be synchronized with many platforms so that they automatically land on your training device for execution.

List of supported devices and platforms

Supported devices
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