Today's Plan - Synchronise training plan

Connect to Today's Plan and sync your training plan to Tredict.

To connect Today's Plan with Tredict, go to the "Settings" and select the category "Services".
Now click on the "Today's Plan" icon in the "Services" category.
You will now be redirected to the "Today's Plan" page where you will need to enter your "Today's Plan credentials" to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, you can sync scheduled workouts and training plans from Today's Plan to the Tredict calendar.

Import structured workouts to Tredict

To load structured workouts from Today's Plan to Tredict, click on the "Today's Plan" import button in your Tredict calendar.
The button is located in the top right-hand corner next to the selection of the calendar period.

Today's Plan Import Button

Which period is imported from Today's Plan to Tredict?

The import button loads all planned and structured workouts from Today's Plan for the currently visible calendar period to Tredict in the background.
So if your calendar shows May 2022, all workouts scheduled in May 2020 will be uploaded to Tredict.
Workouts that have already been executed are not loaded.

Which target zone type does the import of Today's Plan support?

The target zone types familiar from Today's Plan can be synchronised.
The import button shows you a choice of heart rate, wattage or speed.

Can I re-import planned workouts with a different target zone type?

You can synchronise Today's Plan again at any time.
Trainings that have not yet been changed by you will then be overwritten.
So it is possible to change the training plan from heart rate based to wattage based.