Suunto - How to connect and synchronize my watch?

Connect to your Suunto account and synchronize data with Tredict.

To connect your Suunto watch to Tredict, go to "Settings" and select the "Services" category.
Now click the "Suunto App" icon in the "Services" category.
You will now be redirected to the Suunto page where you will need to enter your Suunto app login credentials to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, automatic synchronization with Suunto is available.

Import activities of the last 2 years from Suunto

If you wish, you can automatically synchronise all training sessions, HRV and sleep data from the last 2 years to Tredict.
Click on the button "Start import in background" in the "Services" category.

Download all my data from Suunto

Unfortunately Suunto does not offer a download for your complete training history.
You can try to make a GDPR request to Suunto to get the complete training history of Suunto.
You can then manually upload the Suunto activities to Tredict.

What data is synchronized by Suunto?

Suunto automatically transfers your workouts and activities to your training calendar and schedule.
With a more modern Suunto watch, your nightly heart rate variability (HRV) and your sleep data are also transmitted to Tredict.
You can view the sleep data on the training sessions, sort it in the analysis and display the heart rate variability in your form curve.
You can also control whether HRV and sleep data should be transmitted automatically in the settings.

What data is synchronized from Tredict to Suunto?

Training sessions planned in Tredict are automatically synchronized to Suunto and can thus be carried out on your watch.
For this you need a Suunto Plus capable watch. You will then find the structured workouts in the Suunto app and on the watch under the so-called "Guides" category.
Most structured workouts are supported by Suunto and the next 7 days of your training calendar are transferred to Suunto.
Old guides (structured workouts) are automatically deleted if you have not pinned them.

Which Suunto devices are supported by Tredict?

All Suunto watches are supported by Tredict!

For example, Suunto 7, Suunto 9 Baro, Suunto Spartan Sport, or even an older Suunto Ambit are supported.

Which additional devices are supported by Tredict?

Tredict supports a variety of additional devices such as heart rate monitor, power meter or bike pedals.
You can pair a Stryd with the Suunto watch and get performance data while running.
Use a chest strap to obtain running dynamics and heart rate data.