How can I determine my maximum heart rate from the records?


A correctly determined maximum possible heart rate is important to know your capacity.
Indicators such as VO2max or the Heart Rate Power Factor are derived from the capacity.
The capacity is also important for the automatic detection of your FTP, FTPa and lactate threshold.

Determination of the maximum heart rate from the maximum average values

In the evaluation category, select an appropriate period of several months to years and go to the records view.
If you have performed strenuous workouts or competitions, you can now find, in the maximum averages, your approximate maximum heart rate.

Take a look at the ranges HR5s to HR1.

Click on a row to go to the activity.
If you haven't done any strenuous competitions during this period, you could do an all-out test.
Depending on the sport, there are different test methods for capacity assessment.

Determine maximum heart rate from records
Determine maximum heart rate from records

Automatic detection of maximum heart rate

When Tredict detects a new maximum heart rate for the activity revision period, it will show you this on the training details page.
Tredict will ask you if you want to transfer the maximum heart rate to a new capacity revision.