Export a planned workout to my Garmin device


You can export your planned workout to your Garmin watch or Garmin cycling computer.
Your Garmin watch will then guide you through the workout, with target zones and segments or laps that you have previously defined in Tredict.

Manual export of the workout to a Garmin device

Load the planned workout as a FIT file into the 'WORKOUTS' folder on your Garmin device.

  1. Download the FIT file by selecting 'Download as FIT file' in the save menu of the planned activity.
  2. Now connect your Garmin watch to an USB port.
  3. Open the folder 'WORKOUTS' or 'NEWFILES' in your file manager and copy the downloaded FIT file of the workout into this folder.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable and wait a short time for the watch to update.
  5. Now you can select the planned workout under the 'Workout' option.

Which sports and target zones are supported when manually exporting a planned workout?

Tredict supports FIT file export of these sports as planned training:
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Open water swimming
  • Pool swimming
  • Miscellaneous activities
The following target zones are supported:
  • Speed and pace
  • Heart rate
  • Power (Not for swimming activities)
  • Cadence (May be limited for swimming activities)
Tredict was able to successfully test the function of these planned training types on various Garmin devices.