How to fix corrupt workout data?


With the workout edit function you can fix corrupt heart rate data, faulty power peaks or data spikes directly in the activity charts.

Fix incorrect heart rate

In the workout with the bad data, select the heart rate series in the chart.
Click on the pen icon to edit the heart rate data.
Now you can recreate the corrupt spot in the heart rate series.
When saving, the workout is recalculated and the incorrect values are corrected.

Remove data spikes in workout

The wattage at the workout sometimes shows unwanted power spikes, which you can easily and quickly remove with the workout data edit function.

Fix wrong workout speed

If GPS reception is poor or if you was in a tunnel, the speed of the activity may have been recorded incorrectly.
With the edit function in the workout view it is also possible to edit and correct the speed.

Repair other values in the workout data

You can also repair other training data, which are so-called base values and were recorded directly by your running watch as a time series.
These include cadence, cadence, ground contact time, leg spring stiffness, vertical oscillation and many more.

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Deactivate series completely

Sometimes the series data is so inaccurate that it is no longer possible to repair it.
In this case, you can deactivate a series completely. To do this, click on the deactivate button directly next to the editing pen.