How is the mountain classification calculated?


The mountain classification, or climb category, is derived by Tredict from the Fiets index.
So you can, while running, cycling or hiking, quickly see what you have done on the mountain and sort by category in the training overview.

The classification of the categories are based on the Tour de France and range from 5 to HC (Hors Catégorie).

Tredict has calculated the Fiets-Indicies for the known climbs of the Tour de France and can therefore also calculate the climb category.

Category 5 refers to a small and short ascent over a distance of a few 100 meters.
Category 3 is often found in San Francisco or in the low mountain range. The grade is usually more than 5% over shorter distances.
The HC category is found in the Alps or other mountains and are characterized by high gradients and long distances.

Training table sorted by climb category
Training table sorted by climb category

The climb category of an activity is accumulated

Long hilly activities with higher distance also achieve a high mountain classification due to the accumulation of climbs in total.

How is the Fiets index calculated?

The formula for the Fiets Index was developed by the Dutch cycling magazine of the same name, Fiets.

fiets = rise ^ 2 / distance * 10 + ℕ((peakElevation - 1000) / 1000)

See: Glossary - Fiets Index