Can the laps of an activity be calculated manually?

Tredict calculates the average values of the laps, like pace, power or ground contact time always by itself from the series data your watch has recorded.

So we don't use the averages that your device manufacturer has stored in the laps.

As a result, we achieve cross-vendor consistency and can also create our own average values, such as body elasticity.

However, the time stamps for the laps are taken from the lap specifications of your watch.

If the following conditions are given, Tredict also calculates the time stamps by itself:
  • The watch has recorded none or only one lap.
  • It is a run, a bike ride or a swimming activity.

Calculated laps are structured as follows:
  • 1km/1mi for running
  • 10km/5mi for cycling
  • 200m for swimming

For other activities, no time stamps are calculated manually!