How can I return my purchased training plan?


After you have purchased a training plan from a coach, you can test it for 2 weeks free of charge.
During this test phase, you can return the training plan with one click without giving a reason and your reserved payment will be cancelled.

Returning a training plan

Go to the main category "Training plans" and then to "My plans". In the sub-category "Acquired training plans", click on the training plan you would like to return. Now open the 3-dot menu and select "Return plan". 

Return plan

What happens when I return the training plan?

If you return the training plan, your reserved payment will be cancelled immediately. You will not incur any costs.
However, the training plan will be removed from your portfolio and from your training calendar.

I don't see "return plan"

If you cannot see the item "Return plan" and instead you see "Delete plan", then your 2-week test phase has expired. In this case, contact the training plan author. You will find the email address in the training plan settings in the plan author's description card.