Polar Flow - How to connect and synchronize my watch?

Connect to Polar Flow and synchronize data to Tredict.

To connect your Polar watch to Tredict, go to "Settings" and select the category "Services".
Now click on the "Polar Flow" icon in the "Services" category.
Now you will be redirected to the Polar page where you have to enter your access data for the Polar Flow app to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, the automatic synchronization with Polar is available.

Download all my data from Polar Flow

With the Polar Data Export you can download your training history from Polar.
Polar Data Exporter
You can then manually upload the downloaded trainings to Tredict using the uploader.

Convert your Polar data to the Garmin FIT format

The Polar data exporter usually gives you your training sessions as .json files.
Of course you can upload the .json files directly via the Tredict Uploader.
Additionally, you can also convert the files with our Polar JSON to FIT Converter so that you have them in a more common format that you can upload anywhere.

What data is synchronized by Polar?

Polar automatically transfers your completed workouts and activities, nightly heart rate variability (HRV) and sleep data to your Tredict training calendar and training plan.
If you have a Polar scale, your weight is also automatically transferred to the body values.

Which Polar devices are supported by Tredict?

All Polar watches are supported by Tredict!

For example the Polar M400, the Polar V800, a Polar Vantage V2, the Polar Grit X and many many more are supported.

If you have activated automatic synchronization with Polar, the files will always be transferred in the Garmin FIT file format. Even with older models, like the Polar M400.

Which additional devices are supported by Tredict?

Tredict supports a variety of additional devices such as heart rate monitor, power meter or bike pedals.
You can pair a Stryd with the Polar watch and get performance data while running.
Use a chest strap to obtain running dynamics and heart rate data.