Oura Ring - Connect and synchronise

Connect to Oura and synchronise data to Tredict.

To connect your Oura Ring to Tredict, go to the "Settings" and select the category "Services".
Now click on the "Oura" symbol in the "Services" category.
You will now be redirected to the Oura page, where you will need to enter your Oura account details to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, the automatic synchronisation with Oura is available.

What data is synchronised from Oura?

From Oura, your nightly heart rate variability (HRV), sleep data and dynamic resting heart rate are automatically transferred to your Tredict training calendar and training plan.
Your HRV data is displayed in the performance chart of the form curve. With the HRV data from Oura, you can see even better whether you should take a rest day or increase your training intensity.

Import data of the last 2 years from Oura

If you like, you can automatically synchronise all data from the last 2 years with Tredict.
To do this, click on the button "Start import in background" in the card "Import older body data from Oura".

How often is data synchronised by the Oura API?

On average, Tredict checks every 30 minutes to see if you have new data.
Unfortunately, the Oura API does not notify us on its own, so Tredict has to check regularly.