Coros - How to connect and synchronize my watch?

Connect to your Coros account and synchronize data to Tredict.

To connect your Coros app to Tredict, go to "Settings" and select the category "Services".
Now click on the "Coros" icon in the "Services" category.
Now you will be redirected to the Coros page where you will have to enter your login credentials from your Coros account to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, automatic synchronization with Coros is available.

Attention: When changing the Coros password, reconnect!

If you have changed the password of your Coros account, you will need to reinitiate the connection to Tredict.
This is a peculiarity of the Coros API, on which we unfortunately have no influence.

What data is synchronized by Coros?

Coros will automatically transfer your completed workouts and activities to your training calendar and training schedule.

Which Coros devices are supported by Tredict?

All Coros watches are supported by Tredict!

For example Coros Pace 2, Coros Apex, Coros Vertix and many more are supported.

Which additional devices are supported by Tredict?

Tredict supports a variety of additional devices such as heart rate monitor, power meter or bike pedals.
You can pair a Stryd with the Coros watch and get power data while running.