How do I search for workouts?

To search for training activities, go to the yearly resolution in the training overview and select the year in which you suspect the activity to be searched.

If you want to search for the name of the activity, make sure that the "Name" column is selected with "Select columns".

Now press the key combination Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) and let your browser do the work. On the mobile phone, also use the "search" function of the web browser. In addition, you can also sort the table by name.
This works analogously with all column types.

If you're looking for the fastest unit of 2018, go to the year view, select the pace column, and sort the table by pace.

This type of search offers several advantages. The activities are not taken out of their context in the table, the search is very fast, it works with any available column (also custom values) and there is no program logic that would need to be maintained.