Garmin Connect - How to connect and synchronize my device?

Connect to Garmin and synchronize data to Tredict.

To connect your Garmin device to Tredict go to "Settings" and select the category "Services".
Now click on the "Garmin Connect" icon in the "Services" category.
Now you will be redirected to the Garmin page where you have to enter your "Garmin Connect credentials" to connect to Tredict.

After a successful connection, automatic synchronization with Garmin is available.

Import activities of the last 2 years from Garmin

You can automatically synchronize all activities and trainings of the last 2 years to Tredict, if you like.
Click on the button "Start import in background" in the "Services" category.

Download all my data from Garmin

To upload your complete training history to Tredict, you can download all your stored data from Garmin.
Use the Garmin Data Exporter to query your data stored at Garmin.
Garmin Data Exporter
If you have downloaded the bundled file from Garmin, you will find all your workouts and also weight data in one or more packed .zip files in the folder "DI_CONNECT/DI-Connect-Fitness-Uploaded-Files". You can then upload the unzipped files to your training calendar in Tredict using the "Upload" button.

The advantage of this method is the preservation of your complete training history, including weight data.

What data is synchronized by Garmin Connect?

Garmin will automatically transfer your completed workouts and activities to your training calendar and schedule.
With a suitable watch, your nightly heart rate variability (HRV) and your sleep data are also transferred.
If you have a scale or you enter your weight manually in the Garmin Connect app, you will also get body data like weight, body fat percentage, body fat percentage, water and muscle percentage.
You can view the body values in the category "Body".

What data is synchronised from Tredict to Garmin Connect?

Training sessions planned in Tredict are automatically synchronised to Garmin Connect and can be performed directly on your watch without any further steps.

Which Garmin devices are supported by Tredict?

Basically all new, but also older Garmin watches and bike computers are supported by Tredict!

For example, Garmin Edge 1030, Garmin Edge 520, Garmin Fenix 6, Garmin Forerunner 945, Garmin Venu, Garmin Forerunner 735xt, Garmin Instinct and many many more are supported.

Which additional devices are supported by Tredict?

Tredict supports a variety of additional devices such as heart rate monitor, power meter or bike pedals.
You can pair a Stryd with the Garmin watch and get power data while running.
The Garmin Vector 3 pedal is also supported with all its metrics such as wattage, pedal balance and pedal smoothness.
Use the Garmin HRM Tri belt to maintain running dynamics such as ground contact time balance or respiration rate.