Synchronize your training calendar to Suunto and perform structured workouts

teaser image - Synchronize your training calendar to Suunto and perform structured workouts
Use Suunto Guides to run your Tredict planned and structured workouts on your Suunto device and let Tredict synchronize them automatically.

With the constant addition of important functions to the Suunto API, Suunto has once again become a serious European alternative in the sports watch industry. It doesn't look like Suunto is lying down and basking in past success, but Suunto is showing a keen interest in working with its partner platforms. This is characterized, among other things, by cooperative email communication and, as already mentioned, the needs-based expansion of their APIs.

Tredict has now integrated the Guides API, which means you can plan structured workouts in Tredict and they will be automatically uploaded to your Suunto watch!

Suunto calls the structured training or workouts from partner platforms "Guides".

Enable synchronization to Suunto
You can switch synchronization on or off under "Settings -> Services".

Where can I find the guides or planned training sessions?

Tredict uploads the planned workouts to Suunto and the Suunto app then synchronizes the Guides via Bluetooth to your watch, where you can select them for execution. In the Suunto app, you can find the Guides by clicking on the watch icon at the top and then on "My SuuntoPlus Guides". On the watch you will then find the Guides somewhat hidden in the options of a sport.

SuuntoPlus Guides
You can find the Guides under "My SuuntoPlus Guides".

Training calendar synchronization to Suunto app and watch

Tredict automatically synchronizes all planned training sessions for the next 7 days to the Suunto app, so that the period of one week is always displayed there. This time window shifts automatically and Tredict checks every 3-6 hours to see if there is anything to update. Past planned training sessions are also automatically deleted from the guides list, unless you have pinned a guide. This will then only be removed from the Suunto app when you no longer have the guide pinned.

Tredict calender with planned training sessions
Planned workouts in Tredict.
Planned trainings sessions in the Suunto App
The same planned workouts in the Suunto app.

Which sports can I structure and plan?

The technical format of a guide has been kept quite generic by Suunto, so it is possible to run most sports that Tredict supports on your Suunto watch. So plan the sections of a cross-country skiing tour or a kayak trip for your Suunto device. Even Garmin can't keep up!

Supported Suunto watches with SuuntoPlus

To be able to carry out structured training, i.e. guides, on your Suunto watch, you need a SuuntoPlus-compatible watch. This includes all modern Suunto devices, such as the Suunto 5, Suunto Core or Suunto Race.

Check here to see if your Suunto watch is included: SuuntoPlus

Suunto 5 watch
This Suunto 5 accidentally fell on the grass.
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