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Sell your reusable training plans with Tredict as your sales platform. Free of charge.

Often requested, it is now possible to distribute and sell your created and reusable training plans via Tredict. Whether you are a professional trainer, a private individual, a company or a club, with Tredict it is possible to easily offer your endurance sports training plans for sale.

The blog article Creating your own training plans describes how you generally create a reusable training plan, assign the corresponding attributes and then publish it. Previously, it was possible to create your training plans unpublished so that you could use them for yourself or your associated athletes or publish them under a "Creative Commons" licence. Now the "Tredict sales licence" has been added, which allows you, as a training plan author, to sell your endurance sports training plans via Tredict.

Pay plan via PayPal
Different payment methods when purchasing a training plan.

Training plan distribution

Training plans that you offer for sale appear in the public training plan list of Tredict and can be purchased there by other Tredict users. The list can be filtered by sport, for example. In this way, a triathlon training plan can be found or training plans for running or cycling can be displayed in a targeted manner.

Purchase process

On the public page of your training plan, the user can purchase the training plan directly by clicking on the "Purchase training plan" button. A dialogue opens where various payment options are available. Tredict uses as the payment service provider. After a successful order in the PayPal dialogue, the training plan is immediately transferred to the user and an application date can be set.

Buy training plan
Purchase in just a few steps.

Payment process and the 2-week trial period

The user has a 2-week test phase. During this period, a payment only appears as reserved on the customer's PayPal account and on your PayPal account as the seller. After 2 weeks, the reserved payment is then debited and appears on your PayPal account as collected.

During the test phase, the training plan can be returned by one click without giving reasons. The plan will then be removed from the user's training plan portfolio and calendar.

Payments are therefore reserved for 2 weeks and then end up directly in your PayPal account. Tredict does not have a deposit account in which payments are held.


Once the amount has been successfully debited to your account, an automatically generated invoice will be sent to the buyer. You can also view this invoice in your seller portal and it is valid for the tax office.


Tredict does not charge any sales fees! Yes, you read that right. Selling your training plans is free! So, what are you waiting for? You will only be charged the PayPal transaction fees, which are subtracted from the gross price of the training plan and go to PayPal.

Embedding in your own website?

If you would like to distribute your training plans via your own website or blog, you have several options.

The easiest way is to publicly link to your plan on Tredict.

A link to the public landing page of a training plan for running:

It is even more attractive if you copy an HTML code for embedding on your own website. You can find this in the "Embed & Share" settings of the plan. For the programmers among you, there is even dynamic HTML and JSON code that can be processed programmatically. Under "My plans" you can call up the complete list of all your plans for embedding if required. This opens up many marketing options for you, including technical ones.

Hamburg Marathon 2024 - 2 Monate Trainingsplan für Spätzünder
Trainings Woche Ø
Aufwand Ø
Herzfrequenz Ø
Pace / Tempo
39 €
Trainingsplan von Felix Gertz anschauen

An embedded preview of a German plan. Try it out and click on it.

If you want to distribute training plans on a very large scale via your own website, then we have another solution for you.
Talk to us about the partner API.

Sales settings of the training plan


Set your sales price for the training plan here. This is always the gross price, including any VAT and fees, such as the PayPal fee.


Choose the right currency for your training plan. When doing so, you should keep your target group in mind and also consider the currency in which your own PayPal account is managed in order to avoid conversion losses.

Tredict currently supports the following currencies for the sale of training plans: US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound Sterling (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY).


With the applicability, you can specify whether the buyer can only apply the plan they have purchased to themselves or also to their associated athletes. This allows you to better control the target group by offering training plans for individual athletes or for coaches and clubs.

Preview visibility

The visibility of the preview determines how many weeks the actual training calendar is displayed in the public preview of the training plan. The default setting is "2 weeks visibility". The buyer only has full access to the training plan calendar once the training plan has been sold.

Activate seller account

Before you can publish a training plan under the "Tredict sales licence", Tredict needs a few details from you, in addition to your public coach profile, so that you receive your money in the event of a sale, the buyer can contact you and the automatic generation of the invoice contains all the necessary information.

To do this, go to "Training plans" -> "Seller account" -> "Settings".

Seller account
You will find the settings for the seller account under the Training plans category.

Connect your PayPal account

Tredict uses the payment service provider PayPal for the sale of training plans in order to be able to process the sales transaction from the buyer, via Tredict, to the seller using PayPal. With PayPal, all common payment options are available, such as PayPal itself and payment by credit card. Depending on the country, other payment options are also available, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or direct debit.

PayPal account connected

In order to receive your money, you need a so-called "PayPal business account", which you then connect to Tredict. Of course, you can and may also create a PayPal business account as a private individual! Tax and business conditions depend on the amount of your turnover and the laws of your country and are not directly related to your PayPal account.

Simply click on the "Connect Tredict to PayPal now" button in Tredict. You can now create a PayPal business account or connect your existing account directly to Tredict.

Transaction in PayPal
A transaction in PayPal with a refund.

Small business or VAT?

If you are liable for VAT in your country, enter your VAT number and the amount of VAT in per cent. The net price, which is also shown on the invoice, is later calculated based on the VAT.

If you are not liable for VAT, you can tick the "Exempt from VAT?" checkbox. There can be many reasons why you are not subject to VAT, e.g. because the small business rule applies to you. Simply enter your reason in the "Reason for exemption" field. This will then appear on the invoices that are sent to the buyers.

VAT exempt
This text appears on the invoice. An example for Germany.

List of sold plans

In the list of your sold plans, you have an overview of all actions that have happened in context with your offered training plans.

You can see whether the payment status is already set to "completed", a plan has been "cancelled" or "refunded" or a payment is still "reserved" because the plan is still in the 2-week trial phase.

Associated documents, such as invoice and refund receipt, can be downloaded here as a PDF file, so that you can settle your accounts correctly for tax purposes.

List of plans sold
Overview of your sold plans and their order status.

Much success and good sales!

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