Using Dropbox to synchronise with other platforms

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With the Tredict Dropbox integration, you can sync your workouts to and from third-party platforms like TrainerRoad,, GoldenCheetah and Tapiriik using Dropbox. You can also create an automatic backup of your training files.

With Dropbox, Tredict has integrated a universal interface to your computer and other platforms that allows you to automatically exchange training files in .fit(.gz) and .tcx(.gz) format. This makes it possible to automatically synchronise your completed cycling workouts from TrainerRoad to Tredict, as TrainerRoad can also automatically upload activities to Dropbox.

Through Tapiriik, which has a Dropbox connection, this adds a free metasync that allows other platforms such as TrainingPeaks, SportTracks and TrainAsONE to sync indirectly to Tredict. offers its own Dropbox synchronisation of training data in both directions. For power users, there is nothing to stop them from using Tredict and at the same time. :-)

Tip: Register your own dropbox account to synchronise your training data. But this is not a must. You can easily use your existing Dropbox account if you already have one.

Connect to Dropbox at Settings -> Services.

Sending your training files from Tredict to Dropbox

Sending your training data allows you to automatically backup your training files and make them available to other platforms that also have access to your Dropbox.

If you activate this function, all existing workouts in Tredict will be uploaded to your Dropbox. This applies to old workouts as well as new workouts that are added to Tredict. The synchronisation of your data is triggered automatically. If you have a lot of existing data, this must first be transferred initially, which can take a while.

In the settings it is possible to specify a destination folder into which Tredict loads your trainings. By default, this folder is called "/tredict".

If you change the destination folder, all your workouts will be transferred again initially to ensure data completeness in this folder.

Training data from Tredict to Dropbox
Specify a destination folder in your Dropbox.

Receiving training files from Dropbox to Tredict

If you have activated this function and .fit and .tcx files change in your Dropbox, Tredict is automatically informed and imports them into your activity history. This way, all platforms and applications that can write the supported file types to Dropbox can be synchronised to Tredict.

By specifying a start folder, you can limit the area in which Tredict searches your Dropbox. Normally, the start folder is set to your entire Dropbox with "/". If you only want to load activities from TrainerRoad, you can set the start folder to "/trainerroad", for example.

If you load data into the Dropbox at the same time, your set destination folder will be ignored when loading out of the Dropbox to prevent a "short circuit". Training data that you upload to the Dropbox will therefore not be downloaded again immediately.

Sync training data from Dropbox to Tredict
Specify a start folder where the search should begin.
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Integration of your platform or application?

Do you want to integrate your platform or application directly with Tredict? Then write to us! Tredict sends planned structured workouts and receives completed workouts and activities. Also check out the Tredict API.

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