Receive body metrics with Withings

teaser image - Receive body metrics with Withings
Automatically receive your body data with Withings.

We have been asked by many users for a Withings integration and are happy to provide it now.

In the connection settings it is possible to connect to your Withings account. Body metrics such as weight, height, muscle mass, body fat percentage and water percentage are then automatically synchronized to the Tredict body data.

If there is no body data revision for the date of the incoming data, it will be created. If a revision with this date already exists, then the data will be overwritten accordingly.

All workouts that are affected by a revision change are recalculated, so that e.g. the "specific power" is automatically adjusted to a new weight.

With Withings and Garmin Connect, Tredict now offers two synchronization sources for body metrics that are compatible with WiFi scales. Of course you don't need a WiFi scale and you can also enter your weight manually at the providers or directly at Tredict.

Read more about zone revisions.

composed at 9/24/2020, 3:08:08 PM by Felix Gertz