Publish your training plans and register in the coaches directory

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Publish your self-made training plans under a "Creative Commons" license and sign up for self-promotion in the coaches directory.

The next step has been taken. A lot of programming work has gone into the "publication of training plans" and the public coaches directory for endurance athletes, coaches and trainers over the last few months.

Tredict is happy to have you join the coaches directory for free or even create a nice training plan!

Create and promote "Creative Commons" training plans

It is now possible to publish your self-created training plans under a "Creative Commons" license and thus make them available to the general public. Tredict offers you the functions to create training plans and the marketing platform for it. Since all "Creative Commons" licenses include the name attribution, your name or trainer profile will ideally benefit from the free redistribution.

And all this without additional costs! It remains with the prepaid model of write access. As long as you can write to your profile, you can also create and modify training plans. Even if you no longer have write access to your profile, your training plans will continue to be offered via Tredict.

The special thing about Tredict training plans for endurance sports is the intensity distribution that results from zone and intensity settings tied to the training plan. This allows you to dynamically see if a training plan is more low or high intensity and perhaps even follows the 80/20 scheme.

Check out all public training plans for endurance athletes.

Of course, you can still create private training plans that you apply only to yourself or your athletes.

When creating a training plan, Tredict automatically calculates the main sport of the training plan by adding together the sports such as running, cycling or swimming.

Read the previous blog article on creating own training plans, if you want to learn more about the options and settings of a training plan.

Integrate your training plans into your own website

For better self-promotion, it is possible to embed your published training plans into your website using a static HTML code. If you have programming skills, you can go one step further and process dynamic JSON or HTML code on the server side and apply your own styles to it.

Build-up a foundational running base
Training sessions
Activities week Ø
Effort Ø
Heart rate Ø
Training phase
Heart rate
Zone type
Performance level
CC BY 4.0
Visit training plan created by Felix Gertz

Register for free in the coaches directory

If you are a coach, then you can register completely free of charge in the coaches directory for endurance athletes. This gives you the opportunity to promote yourself. Besides your bio, you can put important backlinks to your website and other "social media" profiles, such as Strava, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. This way you will be more easily found in Google search.

Click here to go to the public coaches directory for endurance athletes.

Acquire and republish free endurance sports training plans

Public Tredict training plans can be purchased by other Tredict users or transferred to your own portfolio. Depending on the license, it is even possible to edit the training plan and then publish it again. Some "Creative Commons" licenses explicitly allow this.

Training plans from your own portfolio can then be transferred either to your own calendar or simultaneously to the calendars of your athletes.

What's next?
The next logical step is to sell your training plans via the Tredict platform. We are currently negotiating with various payment service providers so that we can handle the payment and purchase of a plan. Of course, you can already create your training plan and join the trainer directory without publishing the plan. In addition, an optional contact option via the trainer profile is planned.
composed at 10/13/2022, 5:26:36 PM by Felix Gertz