Adidas Running/Runtastic to FIT converter

Convert your Adidas Running and Runtastic workouts to the Garmin FIT format with Tredict as a free "Adidas .json/.gpx to .fit converter".

Why should I convert my Adidas Running data to Garmin FIT?

A conversion allows you to archive your Adidas Runtastic training sessions as Garmin FIT and upload them to other platforms. The FIT format allows you to upload your training history converted with the "Adidas Running to FIT Converter" to platforms such as Azum, Runalyze, TrainingPeaks, Sporttracks and many others that offer .fit support. Tredict has of course integrated the converter into its own importer by default.

Convert the .json/.gpx files from your "Adidas Running Import" into the "Garmin Fit Format" using the Tredict conversion tool.
The .fit files are much more versatile and have become a quasi-standard for all modern sports platforms, as they have a defined and space-saving file scheme.

How to convert all your data from Adidas Running into the Garmin FIT format

Adidas offers a complete export of your Adidas Running account on its website, but you can't use this directly, instead you let Tredict load your training sessions from the "Adidas Running" interface.

  1. If you do not yet have an account with Tredict, then register for free first so that you can start the import. Register with Tredict.
  2. Now connect your Adidas Running account with Tredict. To do this, go to Settings -> Services.
  3. After a successful connection, you can start the Adidas Running data import to Tredict. To do this, click on 'Import older activities from Adidas Running'. The importer now automatically converts the .json and .gpx files from Adidas Runtastic into the Garmin FIT format.
  4. Once the import is complete, you can download your Runtastic training sessions in Garmin FIT format under 'Settings -> Preferences -> Database extract'.

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