Activity attributes

Activity attributes


The fun factor is an important indicator of your general condition when viewed over a longer period. 

If it drops permanently, you may be training too intensively. In the best case, the fun factor increases before important competitions. In normal training, however, the enjoyment will be more balanced, because a balanced training plan should be both demanding and athletically relaxing, instead of ending in burnout. 

Individual training sessions can be very multifaceted and contain challenging and joyful sections alike. The value range for the enjoyment goes from 'very miserable' to 'balanced' to 'very joyful'. 

This training was fun
This training was fun

Perceived effort

The perceived effort can provide information about your current condition and your daily form. 

If there is a high perceived effort even with very slow units, then you may be coming down with a cold, or you may not yet have recovered sufficiently from a very intensive session. But maybe you went for a high-speed run, and hardly felt tired at all. In that case, you may be at the peak of the super compensation of your previous workouts, and you might have taken one too many rest days. But maybe only the weather was particularly good and you just feel great mentally. 

Long easy runs should not be more strenuous than 'slightly strenuous', 'easy' would be even better. Short crisp races can be 'very strenuous' or maybe even 'extremely strenuous'. If your training is mostly 'demanding', you may not benefit from it, because the training is not sufficiently polarizing.


You can link the shoes, bicycles or generic equipment you use to any training. Training values like distance, duration, speed, intensity distribution, effort and much more are aggregated on the equipment.

Injuries & Illness

If you have entered an injury or illness, it will be displayed on the training page. This allows you to draw conclusions about possible effects of the performance and efficiency indicators.