Maximum heart rate, Lactate threshold heart rate, Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Functional Threshold Pace (FTPa) are capacity values that have a decisive influence on the classification of your training speed, the effort calculation and your zone model and should be re-evaluated from time to time.

Tredict can automatically determine the capacity values if you have done an appropriate activity.
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Correction factor from FTP and FTPa

FTPa and FTP are in direct relation to each other at Tredict, from which we calculate a correction factor. 

This way Tredict can keep the relations to older FTPs and revisions when you change your power meter and is still able to measure the correct effort by power. This requires that you always reevaluate the FTP and FTPa simultaneously on a flat and optimal track. Unfortunately, changing to a new power meter is usually associated with a change of value range compared to the old device. 

Body capacities for cycling
Body capacities for cycling
Maximum heart rate

The maximum heart rate together with the resting pulse forms the heart rate capacity and is the basis for the effort calculation according to heart rate.

Lactate threshold heart rate

The "lactate threshold heart rate" defines the range at which the oxygen utilization of the body is just sufficient to compensate for the oxygen consumption. 

Above the lactate threshold, the anaerobic range begins, at which increased lactate is produced by low-oxygen energy production. The lactate threshold value is also often called the aerobic-anaerobic threshold.

Functional Threshold Pace/Tempo (FTPa)

Your FTPa is the basis for the effort calculation by speed.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

Your FTP is the basis for the effort calculation by power (watts).

Determining values

The determination of the maximum heart rate, FTPa and FTP is either done by means of a very strenuous competition of suitable length or specially designed test runs, which are available in many variations. 

In the records overview of the evaluation you can display these maximum values for a certain period of time. 

Automatic determination of FTP

If the capacity card displays a magic wand, you can automatically calculate the FTP based on your entered FTPa. It works the same way the other way around.

The FTPa can be calculated automatically from the FTP when a magic wand is displayed.
The FTPa can be calculated automatically from the FTP when a magic wand is displayed.