Public coach profile

Public coach profile

With the free public trainer profile, you have the opportunity to market yourself as a trainer. The trainer profile will be listed in the public Tredict coach directory, making you easier to find. For further search engine optimisation of your own media, you can also describe your trainer activities and set backlinks to your own trainer website or your social media channels. 

Your trainer profile is a prerequisite if you want to publish and sell training plans, but otherwise optional.

Call up the Tredict coach directory

Entries in the public coach list.
Entries in the public coach list.


To be able to publish your profile in a meaningful way, you need to provide just a few mandatory details.

Public name

Your public name is the first thing that athletes and users will see. Instead of your name, a club name or a company name can also be used if you are acting as a representative. To do this, enter the company or association name under "Optional data". This will then be used as a substitute.


If you are interested in better visibility in the search engines, the biography should be sufficiently informative. For example, tell us something about yourself as a running coach or about your racing bike club.

Language of biography

Indicate here in which language the biography is written so that we can sort it correctly in the trainer directory. If your language is not listed, please write to us.

Photo or logo

Here you can upload a photo of yourself or a logo of your company. This is an eye-catcher, so make sure it's good quality!

Optional data

The data you can enter here is optional, but at least as important in order to be found easily. For example, if you have your own website, then you should definitely add the link to it to get a better reach. This service is offered to you free of charge by Tredict. 

Optional data you can enter are:  

  • Gender
  • Company or club name
  • City or region
  • Country
  • Languages you speak
  • Sports

You can specify the following backlink types:  

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Strava
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing

It is also an advantage if you indicate which endurance sports you are active in. These include running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, winter sports, rowing, yoga and other sports.

Activate or deactivate

In order for your profile to be published, you must click on the "The profile is deactivated" button to activate it. If you no longer wish to publish your profile, you can easily deactivate it here. You can then continue to use your Tredict account as normal. If you deactivate your profile, all your published training plans will be set to unpublished.

The profile can be deactivated.
The profile can be deactivated.

Profile as training plan author reference

If you want to publish training plans, either for sale or under a "Creative Commons" licence, your trainer profile will automatically act as the source for the training plan author reference. Without an activated trainer profile, you cannot publish training plans, as Tredict cannot determine an author under whose name the plan can be published.

The training plan author card is attached to the training plan.
The training plan author card is attached to the training plan.

Badge for embedding

With the embed badge, you can set a backlink from your website to your trainer profile on Tredict. Simply copy the HTML code provided into your website.