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Tredict is a comprehensive platform for training planning and training analysis in endurance sports and has been online since 2020. The platform is just as suitable for individual athletes as it is for trainers who train other athletes or larger companies who simply want to distribute their training plans. Used as a user-friendly training diary, as powerful training analysis software or as a flexible preplanning tool, Tredict covers a wide range of possible applications.

Developed in Germany, Tredict is particularly focussed on data protection, is manufacturer-independent, GDPR-compliant and does not require tracking.

Tredict is a so-called a web application and offers versatile planning and analysis options for runners, racing cyclists, swimmers and triathletes that deliberately go beyond the possibilities of some other platforms. Tredict is most fun on a large monitor, as diagrams and tables can be displayed better this way. Nevertheless, you can of course use Tredict on a tablet or mobile phone without any problems. The application has been developed to be "responsive" and automatically adapts to your screen size. Open Tredict in your web browser and simply create a shortcut on the screen of your mobile phone. You will deliberately not find Tredict in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Tredict is a stand-alone web app, independent and does not want to be influenced by the strict conditions of the stores. 

By connecting your training tracking device, e.g. your running watch or bike computer, to Tredict, you can plan training sessions for the device and automatically upload completed activities to Tredict. The list of supported devices and manufacturers can be found in the FAQ.
Frequently Asked Questions

All changes and innovations to the application are recorded in the changelog. You will also find an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.