Choosing an athlete
Choosing an athlete

Tredict enables coaches and athletes to connect. 

Coaches can take over the training planning or get insight into the profile of an athlete, to discuss procedures in person. 

The coach functions are free of charge.

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As a coach you can connect with athletes and plan, adjust and analyse their training.

Click "Become a trainer now" to activate yourself as a coach.

Activate yourself as a coach so that you can get requests from your athletes.
Activate yourself as a coach so that you can get requests from your athletes.

If you are available as a coach, other Tredict athletes can send you a coaching request using the email address you registered with Tredict.

Share your email address with your athletes so that you can receive requests.

Connections with athletes can be terminated at any time by either side.
Tredict will not publish your email address and it will only be confirmed to your connected athletes.
If the connection is successful, your name will also be visible to the athlete.

Ask a coach as an athlete

Coaches can support you in planning and evaluating your training by getting access to your profile.

The coach gets the following page permissions:

Write and read access
  • Training
  • Zones & Capacity
  • Body
Read access only
  • Evaluation
  • Equipment

There is no access to your personal settings.

The requested coach must already be registered with Tredict and must have activated the coach mode.

Your email address and name will be given to the requested coach.
The request expires automatically within 2 weeks if it is not confirmed.
The request or connection can be ended at any time by both sides.